Advanced technology will make your break room shine.

You and your employees will love how easy break rooms are to navigate with upgraded technology.

Here’s how technology can impact your
Atlanta, Rome or Augusta break room

  • Integrated Software

    Cantaloupe© software allows you to see real-time data such as inventory and a gauge on what products your employees are enjoying.

  • Mobile payments

    Our micro-market kiosks and vending machines are all equipped with touch-free technology that allows your Atlanta, Rome or Augusta employees to pay on their mobile phone.

  • Automated Warehouse

    Using Lightspeed© allows us to quickly and productively manage our warehouse supply. Ensuring better customer service and break room stocking.

  • Energy Efficient

    Our state-of-the-art vending machines only use LED lighting to ensure energy efficiency.

  • Remote Monitoring

    With Cantaloupe technology, we are able to monitor your break room remotely. Ensuring it’s always stocked and any issues are resolved immediately.

  • Intelligent Routes

    Efficient routes are possible with Lightspeed technology. Our drivers know exactly what they need to deliver and exactly where they are going.

Atlanta, Rome or Augusta vending machine technology

Your Employees’ Safety is our Priority

To ensure peace of mind, all route drivers and personnel must get background checks before beginning employment at Georgia Vending Services.

All of our vehicles contain GPS systems, so we know where our employees are in real-time and where they have been throughout the day.

We are the first to implement Lightspeed technology in Northern Georgia and technology leaders in the break room.