High-end coffee varieties

Select your favorite gourmet coffee from our exclusive Taste of Georgia line or variety of national brands.

Traditional equipment

Tried and true coffee brewers that deliver delicious java by the pot for high-volume drinkers and portability.

By the cup brewers

Maintain freshness and variety when everyone can brew their own drink from one machine.

Exclusive provider of Taste of Georgia coffee

Taste of Georgia is a fair trade coffee roasted locally. It’s the same or better quality than national brands, but has a lower price. We offer it exclusively to our customers in Atlanta, Rome and Augusta, making it a unique attribute of your business.

Elevate the coffee experience

Discover what office coffee can really be with professional service and the latest modern equipment.

Whole bean to cup

A bean to cup brewer takes whole coffee beans and grinds them right before brewing the user’s ideal drink.

Flat pack to cup

This unique Flavia brewer uses small packs to create multiple drinks. (Pack are only available to workplaces.)

Capsule to cup

Keurig and similar brewers use well-known capsules to brew hundreds of drinks using the same brewer.

Coffee services in Atlanta, Rome and Augusta

Free maintenance

We not only provide the coffee equipment, but take care of routine maintenance and emergency service.

Greener water service

For plumbed in units we provide filtration that ensures better tasting water in the office without the impact of bottles.

All break room needs

Don’t forget the stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, napkins and everything else that makes a great coffee break.

Office water filtration in Atlanta, Rome and Augusta

Qualify for a water/ice machine
at no extra charge

If your site meets certain criteria, you can get the benefits of an ice water combo machine free. It’s a great way to offer delicious water and ice without using communal ice trays that can spread germs. The machine has touchless capabilities via sensors that deliver the ice and water right into the users cup.

Stellar tea service

Get sweet tea and so much more at your Atlanta, Rome and Augusta area workplace.

Atlanta, Rome and Augusta tea services

Tons of teas

Choose from our many outstanding tea options, including black, green, white and many herbals.

Office tea services in Atlanta, Rome and Augusta

Body boosting

Benefit from healthy effects associated with teas and herbal infusions, including better heart health.

Office coffee services in Atlanta, Rome and Augusta

Awesome add-on

Tea makes an ideal service complement to existing break room and office coffee solutions.

Let us exceed your coffee service expectations



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