The best break room advisors in the Atlanta, Rome and Augusta

Georgia Vending Services offers benefits beyond break room refreshment. Our customized service solutions, from food vending machines to free-to-employees pantry service, ensure the needs of employees and employers are met every day in break rooms across the Atlanta, Rome and Augusta. The local community is supported through area jobs and our staff enjoy a sense of pride that can only come from being part of a locally owned and operated business.

Since we opened our doors in 1987, we haven’t stopped evolving. Georgia Vending Services currently boasts a full range of services and products ideal for the Atlanta, Rome and Augusta break room. Customers can get locally made healthy food in a micro-market or delivery of all break room essentials along with coffee and tea. Enhanced reporting from vending machines and kiosks ensures transparency with customers about what products are selling. Additional technology benefits, such as credit and debit card acceptance, mobile payments, and regular promotions, make the break room experience that much better for every user.

Georgia Vending Services offers customers even more perks as a member of the USConnect family


USConnect allows users to earn points for making purchases in the break room.


Choose a charity and USConnect will donate 1.5% of each dollar you spend.


Get notified of deals and special programs through the USConnect solution.


Learn about sensible wellness ideas from the USConnect on-staff dietician.

Contemporary break room solutions

Ensure your Atlanta, Rome and Augusta business has the latest in break room technology and service.

Local owners

Founded and run by Atlanta, Rome and Augusta natives who focus on providing personal service.

Customer centric

Services are customized for each customer based on their workplace needs and goals.

Advanced technology

Dependable service and the latest vending machines, kiosks, and coffee brewers.

Complete package

A full range of services from a single, easy to work with provider in the Atlanta, Rome and Augusta area.

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