Atlanta Office Coffee & Break Room Services

Georgia Vending Services offer a huge selection of coffees, teas, hot chocolates and related break room supplies. We offer regular open/drip brew coffee machines, single-serve Flavia beverage systems, and large Air Pot coffee and tea brewers for hospitals, cafeterias and restaurants.Newco 3 Burner Office Coffee Machine

Our friendly professional Coffee Servers provide the highest quality of responsive reliable scheduled service. We maintain your office coffee and related supplies in a clean and organized fashion, ensuring at all times that your supplies are rotated for freshness and no product unnecessarily dates out.

If you need a regular open brew/drip brew coffee machine we have a wide selection of different coffees to choose from. We have our own in-house, Taste of Georgia brand coffee which is made for us right here in Atlanta. Our most popular and smooth blend is the 100% Colombian, but for customers wishing for a stronger tasting coffee we have French Roast. For those that are not looking for such a kick, our Estate Blend is our mildest tasting coffee. We also appreciate that not everyone wants caffeine in their coffee, and some people are even allergic to it, so we have a House Decaf blend that is sure to please.

Flavia Single-Serve Coffee & Tea Machine

Flavia Brewers are perfect for any location.

  • Hospital Cafeterias
  • Emergency Waiting Rooms
  • Office Break rooms
  • Doctor Offices/Lounges
  • Conference Facilities

Flavia is the perfect single-serve beverage system available to offices, health care services, hospitals, colleges, and any office break room. The Flavia fresh packs seal in perfect freshness with every cup. The innovative technology brews direct from pack to cup, guaranteeing that every drink is completely pure and untainted by previous brews.Flavia C400 Brewer - Office Coffee & Tea


  • The unique Flavia technology offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, chocolates and specialies and the option to personalize your own drink
  • Flavia brewers have the ability to make 2-pack drinks such as cappuccinos, mochaccinos and lattes
  • All Flavia coffee and teas are Kosher certified