Atlanta Office Coffee & Tea Service

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate & Break Room Supplies

If you are looking for the best in selection and completely reliable and consistent service, then Taste of Georgia, a division of Georgia Vending Services has you covered.Flavia C400 Brewer - Atlanta Office Coffee - Georgia Vending Services

Our goal is not to sell you as much coffee, tea, and break room supplies as we can, but to sit down with you, discuss your needs in detail, and provide you with only the amount of product you need.

Why do we emphasize this? Because unfortunately there are companies out there that just pay their sales people and route drivers on a commission basis, so their focus is to load up your break room with an endless supply of coffee, creamer, sugar and other related supplies that will take months to consume!

How do we know this? We have had the pleasure of rescuing many companies from this unethical and unnecessary practice, and apart from already being dissatisfied with their current Atlanta Office Coffee company due to an unresponsive and non-caring attitude, their second biggest complaint is that their break room is overflowing with too much product!

You will not experience anything close to what we have mentioned above, in fact quite the opposite. We customize an Office Coffee schedule that suits your needs, not ours. We are flexible, so if we are coming too often, then we scale back the frequency of our service visits, if we are not servicing you often enough, then we increase the frequency.