Georgia Vending Services was established in 1996. Our goals of improving the food quality, service standards and equipment reliability have provided tremendous growth for our company. We now have the privilege of serving the Vending and Office Coffee Service needs over 220 Atlanta companies including office and industrial facilities, retail locations, warehouses, universities, high schools and government and city offices.

We are not your typical Atlanta Vending Machine Company and we recognize that the sole reason for our existence is service. We are very thankful for the loyalty that our existing client base has provided us. For that reason, we are very cautious with our growth to assure that not too much energy is spent on gaining new business to the detriment of our existing customers. Please rest assured that we are committed to making certain that we meet your expectations.


Global Positioning System (GPS)

All route drivers and service tech locations are monitored 24 hours a day.

Our fully automated response system utilized new Comet Tracker GPS Locator Technology. When our system receives a service call from a customer, our response system automatically locates the closest technician to your facility, transmits the repair request, dispatches the repair and monitors the service progress to facilitate a same day response for most machine related issues.

Atlanta Georgia Vending Services Route Driver Map


We are approved members of the following vending trade associations:

National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA)

NAMA is the national trade association of the merchandising, vending, coffee service, and contract foodservice management industries. Its membership comprises service companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers of products and services to these businesses. NAMA's policies and programs are established and reviewed by members who serve on the board of directors and committees.

Georgia Automatic Merchandising Council (GAMC)

GAMC is the state trade association of the merchandising, vending, coffee service, and contract foodservice management industries. GAMC's policies and programs are established and reviewed by an elected board of directors and committee members.

Southeastern Vending Association (SEVA)

SEVA is a multi-state vending trade association whose membership includes Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia , Mississippi , Louisiana and Tennessee. This association was established to improve product quality and service standards for the vending, coffee and food service management industry.


Our company utilizes the latest technology available to the vending industry. Developed by Streamware, using Microsoft's database platform, VendMAX is a component-based software product designed to streamline business process associated with the vending and office coffee business. When combined with bar code scanning and handheld data collection, VendMAX monitors inventory levels, route schedules, product sales, special orders/customer request, machine repair and maintenance history.